I’ve been asked for a little more detail about me, and like most people I’m always flattered to be asked about myself so here goes:

I’m a 27 year old woman who works in project management. I’m British, though I lived abroad for a few years, and I have a fairly wide range of eclectic hobbies. I like sewing and knitting, I play the flute, though nowadays nowhere near as often as I should – I’m getting rusty. I used to re-enact but have been lured away by prettier costume and more mythical creatures and now I LARP regularly. I blame David for this, if we’d never met, I’d never have even considered larping, I used to think it was far too geeky for me!

David and I met when was between my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Both of these are in history which is unrelated to most of the subjects I studied in school or my current employment but makes me happy, which is all that matters.

I’m bisexual and have considered myself so since I was about 14, which to be honest was the first time I really thought about labels like that. Looking back now, I’d had thoughts about girls for as long as I’d been thinking about anything like that and it was only getting old enough to know that there are labels that made me realise which one applied to me.

I’m out with friends and at work but my mum is a little conservative on somethings (particularly homosexuality) and as no relationship I’ve had with a woman has lasted more than six months and none that were more than a fling were while I was still living at home, I’ve always avoided stating it explicitly. To be fair to myself, I haven’t lied either, for a while I was seeing a girl called Jane and when I met up with her, if mum asked what I’d been doing I’d say I’d seen her just as I would any other friend. I think largely it’s that my mum and I don’t really discuss sex so it’s hard to know where to start. Quite possibly if I bothered to do it it would be a huge anticlimax, I’m sure she’d still love me, I’m fairly sure it would only make things awkward for a while but when you’re in a monogamous relationship with a man why confuse things by saying “by the way I like girls too?”

Ofcourse the above is no longer true and one of the things I’ve decided over the last few weeks is that when David and I have sorted ourselves out, I’m going to be entirely honest with my family. I know my parents briefly tried swinging before their marriage collapsed so they can’t be that judgemental can they?

I like blues and jazz and folk music as well as rock and metal and EBM. I don’t like comedy films, and I love trying different foods.

David is two years older than me and works as a Business Analyst. He was in a very long relationship before we met which had started in his mid teens and ended a week before the wedding. He larps, plays games, runs and likes the kind of whiny rock which infuriates me and punk – how can anyone like punk!

We live in Manchester, which is a good place to be for more alternative lifestyles. A fair number of our friends have some amount of openness in their relationships and a good few like some kink thrown in to the mix.

That’s about all for now. If you have any questions, please ask, I may even add the answers to the bottom of this post.